Comparing Hose Clamps

Whether you pay attention to them or not, we’ve all seen hose clamps. In garages, utility rooms, under the hoods of our cars, and elsewhere, hose clamps are everywhere. But when you find you need hose clamps, you might not know what kind to reach for. That’s just one reason why Home Genie puts out valuable content like this. In their informative video, they go over some of the most common and useful types of hose clamps.

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Different Types of Hose Clamps

As you will see in the video, there are at least six different types of hose clamps. These include: embossed clamps, which feature rounded edges so as to not cut or damage the hose, adjustable hose clamps, which probably include all types of hose clamps since most are adjustable in some way, and worm gear clamps, which use screws as the adjustment mechanism and are common in plumbing applications.

Before you choose a clamp for your needs, be sure to find out which type of clamp is best suited to your project. It’s a good idea to ask an expert such as a dept head at your local hardware store. Or, defer to more informative videos from Home Genie. They have great material on many home improvement topics.


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