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In a Drunk Driving Accident? Here Are Your Next Steps

Being involved in a drunk driving accident can have devastating and life-changing consequences, regardless of whether you are at fault for the accident. If you are, however, at fault for a drunk driving accident, you will need to understand the process of DUI recovery in order to get your life back on track. Knowing the […]

How to Find Affordable Car Repair: 8 Tips

As a car owner, you know vehicles can develop mechanical issues. If left to escalate, these problems can result in accidents that would leave you seeking costly medical care and the help of a reputable accident injury attorney to represent you in court. With the expenses you’ll have from hiring an accident injury attorney, you […]

Top Semi Truck Repair Tips and Tricks

Owner-operators of semi trucks will, inevitably, take their trucks to truck repair shops. In their YouTube video, “Semi Truck Repair Tips and Tricks,” LRM Leasing talks about truck repair shops. Mechanic Mark Harris narrates the video. Video Source Mark suggests before a driver brings their truck for servicing, they make a list of what they […]

FAQs About Your Heavy Duty Towing Company

If you find yourself in need of the services of a heavy duty towing company, you likely have many questions. They can be about what to expect and how to choose the right towing company. Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) to help you navigate the process: Video Source What is considered heavy-duty towing? […]

How Does a Car Locksmith Do Repairs?

Car locksmiths are crucial in providing vehicle owners with lock repairs and essential automotive locksmith services. When you encounter a problem with your car’s lock or key, a local locksmith with expertise in automotive lock repairs is your go-to professional. These locksmiths are well-versed in handling various car lock issues, including jammed or broken locks, […]

How to Use a Porta Potty in an RV

When discussing a portable toilet, most people are familiar with the large blue single units. However, these units come in even smaller sizes and are excellent for RVs and boats. The YouTube video discusses how to use these portable units on a boat. You may wonder how you use these units in an RV if […]

The Difference Between DIY and Pro Paintless Dent Repairs

If you’ve recently gotten into a fender bender, you’re probably wondering what your options are. Paintless dent repair can fix minor dents and dings on vehicle panels without the need for traditional bodywork and painting. While there are DIY options available for PDR, there are significant differences between DIY and professional dent repairs that car […]

How to Diagnose Truck Drive Shaft Problems – Vibrations and Noise

This video gives some great tips on how to check for issues on the rear driveshaft. The first thing to look at is those wheels. It’s vital to make sure that none of them are binding. Video Source That could lead to overheating and vibration. Meanwhile, tires shouldn’t show signs of damage or wear. There […]