What Not to Say When Working With a Car Dealer

When dealing with used car dealerships, it’s hard to say the right thing. This article will be discussing what not to say when speaking to a used car dealer, in order to get the best car for the best price.

One thing to avoid entirely is giving numbers. A dealer may ask what you expect your monthly payment to be, or the highest you will pay monthly.

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Never give your true answer for this, or you will be overcharged for your car monthly. Give a number lower to avoid higher fees and monthly payments you cannot afford.

When talking to a dealer, make sure to get the total, out-the-door number that you will be paying. The out-the-door number will include tax, title, license, and any extra fees they may include. This will make sure they don’t up the price when you are not paying attention.

Never say the words “I really love this car!” This will instantly give them room to up the pricing of the car, once they find out you are emotionally attached to it. Keep your opinions of the car to yourself to avoid being swindled.

With these tips, dealing with a used car dealer will be easier than ever.


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