How Are Professional Tire Repairs Done?

The average lifespan of a tire is 3–5 years. If well maintained, most people manage to use them for longer. Nevertheless, tire repairs can occasionally help with increased fuel mileage and vehicle safety. The video explains how professional tire repairs are done.

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Unlike the olden days, modern tires have become more advanced with technology. For example, radial tires were built for sturdiness and longer miles per hour. However, one of the most significant disadvantages is that modern tires can only be serviced by professionals.

Before performing tire repairs, the professional ensures that the damage is tested. The repair is then carried out in accordance with RMA and TIA guidelines. It is, however, the professional’s duty to know the repair limits and repair policy. Certain tires cannot be repaired and should be discarded for safety purposes.

The tires are either repaired by two-piece plug and patch components or by one-piece patch and stem combinations. Larger punctures than 6 mm are not recommended for repair. Sometimes, tires can be permanently damaged due to underinflation or overloading. Tire repairs are a time-consuming process that should only be performed by professionals. A layperson should not do it under any circumstances.


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