What Oil Filters Are the Right Ones for My Car?

This is a device that removes dirt from the car’s engine oil. If the accumulated dirt and contaminants are not removed, they’ll damage the engine, so oil filters play a vital role in keeping the car functioning properly. The attached video advises on which oil filter to purchase and explains the different types.

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Some older car models didn’t have oil filters. The owner changed the oil every 1000-1500 miles. The oil filters at that time did not have detergent either. The detergent helps to keep dirt in suspension, so it doesn’t clog up the engine. The oil filter would then filter out this dirt.

Modern cars use lighter-weight synthetic oil that can be changed every 8000-10,000 miles. Never use a cheap oil filter. A better-quality oil filter will last longer. Cheaper oil filters have rubber gaskets and use paper as filtration material. The Premium Guard oil filters have silicone gaskets and a synthetic blend filtration material that can last 10,000 miles or more. The Purolator is also a good brand.

Cheap oil filters will end up being costly as they can damage the engine’s components. Your mechanic should recommend a good brand that’ll best suit your car.


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