The Secret Behind Insurance-Provided Roadside Assistance

Many have wondered how insurance companies can provide roadside assistance with their policy. Well, WSB-TV has covered the topic on its YouTube channel. Here, they discuss how roadside assistance could cost you out-of-pocket, as the towers might just be an emergency towing company.

Undestanding Roadside Assiatnce

Roadside assistance is provided with coverage as long as you don’t go over your number of claims. Checking the fine print on your policy can help save you plenty of out-of-pocket expenses.

Video Source

Even if an insurance company claims they can cover it, you should always double-check before calling.

How Roadside Assistance Is Included

Often, roadside assistance is available because an insurance provider will partner with a third-party company. These services are then stated to be covered in the policy. Partnering isn’t exactly less expensive because you could end up paying for the service in the end.

How to Safely Use Roadside Assistance

If you’re looking to safely use roadside assistance and don’t understand your policy, you should call your insurance. They can explain how many claims you have, what has already been covered, etc. WSB-TV urges policyholders to educate themselves on car insurance policies, and hopefully, now you can save yourself from an unexpected expense.


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