How Auto Body Collision Repairs Are Done

Millions are car accidents occur every year, and thousands of them leave a car totaled. If this has ever happened to you, you know how frustrating it can be to deal with a totaled vehicle. However, all some cars need is auto body collision repair. You’d be surprised by how well they can transform a crashed vehicle.

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Let’s learn how they do it.

Many auto body collision repair shops use a frame machine. This is used when there is extensive structural damage to the vehicle. They also require software that holds the data of just about every car manufacturer so they can ensure that your car looks the way you did when you got it. With this software, they can see exactly what needs to go where.

Auto body collision repair shops also use massive machines that pull the metal back into place. These machines are also connected to the software mentioned previously so they can measure correctly. This allows for precision.

However, not all damage is so extreme. For smaller dents, they use a flat liner. This is a handheld tool that pulls the metal and gets rid of the dent.

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