What to Expect From Auto Glass Repair Services

If your windshield is damaged, you need to look at auto glass repair services. A reputable auto glass company can fix your windshield and keep you safe. Here is what you can expect from any auto glass service if your windshield is broken.

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Before we review the steps, let’s talk about glass chips. What is a glass chip? It’s a small divot in the glass made by small projectiles hitting the windshield. Pebbles often cause glass chips.

Thankfully, glass chips can be repaired. They should be fixed quickly. If a glass chip is not repaired it could turn into a crack and result in a completely broken windshield.

The auto glass shop will first clean the area in and around the chip. They fill the chip with a special resin. Once the chip is fixed it will be safe to drive the car.

If your car has more than three chips the entire windshield should be replaced. An auto glass repair service can order the exact windshield needed for your car.

With the right auto glass repair service you will be safe to drive on the road. Do you have more questions about how auto glass shops fix windshields? For more information see the linked video.


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