Understanding Tow Truck Services

When your car breaks down, finding the right tow truck services becomes crucial. Do they have the right type of truck for the vehicle and the position it is stuck in? Understanding the difference in tow truck services can save you time and get your broken-down vehicle off the road.

A flatbed truck is able to lower the back half of the vehicle down to the road. The operator can then use their witch to slowly pull the vehicle up.

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This is useful for vehicles that have all their wheels working properly, as the vehicle can be placed in neutral and lifted up with ease. If the engine has failed for some reason, this truck can get the vehicle gone quickly.

Wheel lift trucks are able to get under the axles of the vehicle and tow it to the desired location. These are perfect for vehicles that may have experience server damage to one side while experiencing minimal to no damage on the other. There are trucks designed for the front side, as well as the backside. Be sure to be as specific as possible when describing the situation over the phone.

For additional information about tow truck services, please review the attached video.


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