What Defines a Muscle Car?

Car lovers have been fans of muscle cars for more than 50 years, but it’s not always clear what earns a vehicle the label of “muscle car.” Here are the features that the experts say a car needs to be considered a muscle car.

When the “muscle car” label originally came into use in the 1960s, there were three types of vehicles that qualified as muscle cars: the Ford Mustang, the Chevy Camaro, and the Dodge Challenger. It’s worth noting that all of these cars are American.

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However, over the years, the criteria for what qualifies as a muscle car has changed. Originally, a muscle car originally needed to be one of the models above and have two doors, a V8 engine, and rear-wheel drive. However, many modern muscle car fans are much less strict in what they think qualifies as a muscle car. By some definitions, the most important trait for a muscle car to have is the ability to function as both an ordinary vehicle for everyday life and a car for drag racing.

Regardless of the labels you use to define your car, the most important thing is that your vehicle is safe and fun to drive. Whether or not your car counts as a muscle car, what matters is that you personally love it.


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