Here Are Two Types of Golf Cart Wheels That You Can Choose

Choosing what size golf cart wheels suit your golf cart depends on a number of factors. They typically range from 8 inches to 24 inches in size and can be designed to tackle all types of golf courses. Here are two wheel sizes that you can choose from to help narrow down your decision:

1. Ten Inch

This size wheel can be fitted on most carts without the need for a lift kit. This is a great option for stability and is suited for a lot of terrains.

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2. Twelve Inch

This size is the standard recommended tire for your golf cart. The 12-inch offers a higher ground level which can be better for tackling tougher terrains or courses. Larger wheels distribute the cart’s weight more evenly, which minimizes the impact on the ground. This is particularly important on golf courses, where maintaining the quality of the grass is essential.

Both the ten and twelve-inch wheels are a great standard option for any golf cart. What your golf cart will require is based on the courses and terrains that you plan on tackling. Take these helpful tips into consideration when making your decision.


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