In a Drunk Driving Accident? Here Are Your Next Steps

Being involved in a drunk driving accident can have devastating and life-changing consequences, regardless of whether you are at fault for the accident. If you are, however, at fault for a drunk driving accident, you will need to understand the process of DUI recovery in order to get your life back on track. Knowing the right steps for DUI recovery after a drunk driving accident can help protect your future as best as possible.

Assess The Situation

Before you can begin your road to DUI recovery by seeking treatment and local auto detailers for your vehicle, you will need to take time to assess the situation you are in after an accident. After an auto accident, it’s imperative to take in your surroundings to determine if you need help and the severity of the situation. Assessing the situation as well as possible, even if you are under the influence at the time, can help facilitate your decision-making process, even if you have been severely injured or hurt.

Obtain Medical Treatment As Soon as Possible

Before you can begin your journey of a DUI recovery, you will need to obtain medical treatment as soon as possible after being involved in a drunk driving accident. If another individual or driver was also involved in the accident, it’s imperative to check on them to determine if they require additional medical attention immediately. Calling 911 for medical assistance immediately after being involved in a drunk driving accident can minimize the risk of serious or life-threatening injuries worsening for all who were involved in the crash itself.

Treating an Addiction to Alcohol After a DUI

Even if you are charged with your very first DUI, you may be required to complete an inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation program, depending on the circumstances of your accident and whether you caused injury or harm to others in the process. When you are required to seek treatment for an addiction to alcohol, you may need to visit local addiction treatment centers, depending on the orders of the judge who is overseeing your DUI accident case in a court of law. Treating an addiction to alcohol after receiving a DUI may be one of the few solutions for you to avoid getting behind the wheel while intoxicated ever again in the future.

Benefits of Treatment Centers

Both outpatient and inpatient treatment centers that are designed for addiction to alcohol and substances provide a safe, welcoming, zero-tolerance environment for individuals to get back on their feet. Treatment centers for alcohol addiction not only provide zero-tolerance environments, keeping individuals from accessing substances and illicit drugs, but they also offer both individual and group counseling and therapy solutions, depending on the location you are in. Treatment centers can help individuals get their lives back on track without the need to use drugs and alcohol in order to do so successfully and with goals in mind.

Take Photographic and Video Evidence of the Scene

When it comes to the process of DUI recovery, taking photographic and video evidence of the scene of any accident you are involved in is a must. Taking photographic and video evidence is necessary if you are injured or if there has been significant damage caused to your vehicle in any capacity. Whether you require medical attention, car muffler repairs, or you believe you need wheel alignments now, the more evidence you are able to capture, the better.

The Importance of Collecting Evidence at the Scene of an Accident

Collecting and organizing evidence after you have been involved in a DUI accident can help prove and plead your case, depending on the role you played in the accident itself. When you want to prove that you were not at fault after an accident, you will need to take photos and obtain as much video evidence as possible. Asking local neighbors, nearby businesses, and city officials for recorded video or CCTV tapes can also help you if you are choosing to pursue your case in a court of law.

File a Police Report

Filing a police report is not only important but it is required by law if you are involved in an auto accident in the United States, regardless of whether you are at fault for the accident itself. Filing a police report should be done immediately after assessing the accident and ensuring the safety of you, your passengers, and any other drivers who were also involved in the crash. Once you have verified that others at the scene are okay and receiving the medical treatment they need, call the police to request an officer and file your report.

The Importance of Filing an Official Police Report

Even if you are at fault for a drunk driving accident, it’s essential to call the police to file an official report and request an officer at the scene of the incident itself. Filing an official police report demonstrates that you abided by the law even when you were under the influence and operating a vehicle, which can go a long way in pleading your case in court or in front of a judge. This is especially true if you do not have a history of drunk driving charges or a record of your name. Filing a police report also provides a paper trail for the accident itself, which may come in handy when you are presenting evidence in front of a judge or even filing a claim with your auto insurance company, depending on surrounding circumstances.

Obtain Eyewitness Statements and Reports

When you are committed to making a full DUI recovery after a drunk driving accident, you should attempt to obtain as many eyewitness reports as possible, if you are able to do so at the time. Eyewitness reports of the accident may also be obtainable at a later date, especially if the accident occurred in a busy or commercial area, where plenty of cameras and places of businesses exist. Officially recorded eyewitness statements and reports can help provide evidence if you believe you are not at fault for any type of drunk driving accident you were involved in.

Contact a Bail Bond Service Near You

In some cases, if you are at fault for a drunk driving accident, you may be taken to jail and held for a short time. If this is the situation you find yourself in, it’s important to familiarize yourself with a trusted local bail bond company that may assist you in getting out of jail. Working with a bail bond provider is a way to receive the bail funds necessary for you to be released from jail before an official court date if you are the cause of a drunk driving accident.

How to Find a Trusted Bail Bond Service Provider Near You

If you are thinking of working with a local bail bond provider, it’s important to do so only after you’ve verified the legitimacy and authenticity of the company itself. Ask friends and family members you trust for their recommendations when it comes to bail bond companies near you. You can also research individual companies and bail bond providers online to read reviews and testimonials of those who have utilized a bail bond location near you in the past to find the most fitting choice for your DUI recovery needs.

Retain an Attorney

Anytime you are involved in a drunk driving accident, retaining legal representation is one of the most important decisions you will need to make. Even if you are at fault for the accident you were involved in, it is possible to seek representation with a trusted DUI lawyer available in your region. Working with a DUI lawyer will help streamline the process of presenting the evidence of your case and pleading your position in front of a judge or jury.

The Importance of Retaining an Attorney

Retaining an attorney after you’ve been involved in a drunk driving accident demonstrates your commitment to representing yourself properly in a court of law. Additionally, it will also provide you with valuable insight into the ins and outs of your case and any charges you may be facing. Keep in mind that the charges you are facing may vary based on your current state of residence, your criminal history, and whether you have been charged with a DUI previously as an adult.

A DUI attorney understands the process of representing their clients in court and in front of a judge. They will also be more familiar with each individual judge who represents your district, which may improve your chances of devising a legal strategy that ultimately works out in your favor. Retaining an attorney can also help you maintain your own peace of mind while going through the DUI court process, as it can be extremely emotionally stressful and draining.

How to Find the Right DUI Attorney

Finding law firms and attorneys who specialize in DUI cases is key to ensuring the best outcome for your case possible. Finding the best DUI attorney is possible with personal referrals and recommendations from those you know, such as friends, relatives, and in some cases, even co-workers you trust. You can also take a bit of time to search for the legal representation you need via traditional business listings and directories as well as by browsing online with the use of popular search engines, such as Google, Yahoo!, DuckDuckGo, and Bing.

Benefits of Browsing for a DUI Attorney Online

Using the internet to search for DUI law firms and attorneys is a way to do so from the comfort of your own home and without location and time limits. When looking for an attorney to retain for your DUI case online, be sure to seek out verified testimonials from clients to ensure you are making the right decision. Reference the official website and the online presence of any lawyer you are thinking of hiring to represent you to ensure they have a positive reputation in your local community ahead of time.

Visit Your Dentist if Necessary

Being involved in a serious auto accident after a drunk driving experience can result in damage to your teeth or in some cases, even the loss of a tooth or more than one tooth simultaneously. As part of the DUI recovery process, visiting your dentist for restorative dentistry may be necessary in order to get your life back on track. When it comes to working, socializing, networking, or even meeting new prospective partners, a smile that you feel confident about is essential.

If you are missing teeth or have damaged your teeth from a drunk driving accident you were involved in, visiting a dentist that offers restorative services can help you regain your confidence and self-esteem. Seeing a professional dentist after an auto accident can also help you to determine if there are more serious underlying issues that must be addressed due to blunt force trauma or the impact you sustained during the accident. Seeing a dentist as quickly as possible after an accident can prevent major issues from brewing over time.

Follow Up With Medical Treatments

To take your DUI recovery seriously, you will need to follow up with the medical treatments you need after the initial accident, even if you were originally deemed at fault for the accident itself. Whether you require a massage therapy treatment or if you’re interested in seeing chiropractors for back pain you’ve sustained from the accident, following up with the treatments you need is essential in order to make the best recovery possible. When you choose to follow up with medical treatments consistently, you are also helping your body heal properly and within an appropriate timeframe.

When you are at fault for a drunk driving accident, understanding the process of DUI recovery is key for you to resume living life as normal as quickly as possible. Whether you have been caught driving under the influence in the past or if you’ve just been charged with your first DUI, knowing the process of DUI recovery is imperative in order to turn your life around. With an understanding of the process required to overcome a DUI and the right legal assistance by your side, you can implement a plan of action for you to begin living your life on the right track again.

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