Top Semi Truck Repair Tips and Tricks

Owner-operators of semi trucks will, inevitably, take their trucks to truck repair shops. In their YouTube video, “Semi Truck Repair Tips and Tricks,” LRM Leasing talks about truck repair shops. Mechanic Mark Harris narrates the video.

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Mark suggests before a driver brings their truck for servicing, they make a list of what they need. If they need diagnostic services, they should limit how long they’re willing to pay for diagnostic time. If a driver asks the shop to diagnose, a repair shop may diagnose endlessly and present a hefty bill. Before a driver agrees to let someone service their car, they should ask for a quote. The quote should be checked to make sure everything requested is listed. If possible, review the quote with another mechanic before the repair starts.

It’s recommended to choose a shop familiar with your vehicle. If you’re a long-distance driver, Mark suggests finding shops you trust in locations you often visit. Not only will that give you a place to go, but you’ll also travel with more confidence. Mark suggests you get more familiar with your truck and suggests you learn some routine truck repair services while owning and operating.


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