What Do You Need to Drive a Tow Truck?

To operate a tow truck, certain requirements and qualifications must be met. The first basic requirement is a valid driver’s license. Your driving record must be clean, and you must meet the minimum age requirements set by your local jurisdiction.

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Depending on the towing truck’s weight and the towing you plan to do, you may need a CDL. CDL requirements vary by state and typically apply to towing trucks that exceed a certain weight threshold.

Some states require a towing endorsement on your CDL to operate a towing truck. This endorsement typically involves passing additional written and practical exams specific to towing operations.

You must complete any required training or certification programs your state or local authorities mandated. These programs ensure that you understand proper towing techniques, safety protocols, and applicable regulations.

As a towing truck operator, you must carry commercial auto insurance that covers your towing truck and any vehicles you tow. Requirements for insurance coverage may vary, so consult with an insurance provider familiar with the towing truck industry.

Depending on your location, you may need additional permits or licenses, such as a business license, motor carrier permit, or towing company license. These requirements ensure compliance with local regulations and help establish your legitimacy as a towing truck operator.

Driving a tow truck today involves meeting specific requirements, obtaining the necessary endorsements or licenses, and having proper insurance coverage.


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