How Tractor Trailer Roadside Assistance Services Replace Tires

Lots of truck drivers with flat tires call for tractor trailer roadside assistance as pictured in the video, but other drivers change them like this.

Getting the Tire Off

Pry off the hubcap. Remove the lug nuts turning counter-clockwise and removing every other nut before removing the remainder.

Video Source

Now pry the tire off the wheel, setting it aside.

Jack the trailer up using one of the notches close to the wheels. Only jack it enough to move the tires. Chock the wheels for safety.

Repairing the Wheel

If the problem is a nail letting the air out of the tire, then wet the tire to find the leak and patch it. Using a portable air tank, fill the tire. If the problem is a shredded tire, then you’ll need tractor trailer roadside assistance.

Reassembling the Tire

Using the same tool, put the tire back on the wheel. Align the wheel holes with the lug holes. Align double wheels the same way. Reapply the lug nuts.

Take the jack off and carefully lower the trailer to the ground. Tighten the lug nuts. Replace the hubcap.

We hope you don’t have flat truck tires, but if you do, we hope this tutorial helps.


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