Do We Need More Auto Mechanics?

This is a question on many people’s minds. Do we need more auto mechanics? The technology in cars today is becoming more complex. For this reason, there is a need for auto mechanics who can work on more sophisticated models with built-in computer boxes. There is a shortage of both American and European auto mechanics. As the YouTube video “Why The U.

Video Source

S.A Has A Shortage Of Auto Mechanics” points out, there is currently a high demand and short supply of qualified, trained, and experienced auto mechanics in the US.

A Rising Demand for Auto Mechanics

Recent studies suggest cities have more cars on the road today than ten years ago. And that number is rising. At the same time, there is a short supply of auto mechanics in the United States. This means that when cars need to go in for a service or repair, there may be a long wait to get the vehicle back. The demand for auto mechanics is high and the supply is low. This is because many perceive this as being a low-paying job with a low status.

These are well-paying jobs, and auto mechanics can earn a good living through their position. This is especially true if the auto mechanic specializes in certain vehicle types, such as electric or diesel cars.


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