How to Restore a Jeep

If you’re a Jeep aficionado, you might have fantasized about restoring your own vehicle. Some people have even searched for repairable salvage Jeeps for sale online. Fortunately, the Youtube video “Complete Jeep Restoration in 10 Minutes” shows the entire process of restoring a car, so you can decide if you want to do it too.

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The Jeep shown in the video is a 1981 CJ-7, which is a great model for restorations. The car was obviously used a lot, and there were a few dents all over, but it could’ve been in worse shape. The engine is a straight-6 from AMC, which was still functional, but the host of the video wanted something different.

Therefore, one of the first things they did was pull the old engine out. They won’t add the new one until the rest of the car is remodeled. However, they had to mock up how it’ll fit with the new specs they wanted before continuing. Once they calculated that, they welded and set up the motor mounts and had to make a small cut in the bumper.

You can watch the rest of the video for more details about finding repairable salvage Jeeps for sale and restoring them.


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