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Are You Able To Touch Up Your Auto Body Paint Job On Your Own

Your car is an extension of your personality, and as a car owner, you always want it to look its best. However, even with the most careful driving, your car’s paint can suffer scratches and scuffs. These damages not only detract from your car’s appearance but can also lower its value. Considering how often this […]

How Do Auto Body Shops Repair Dents

How Do Auto Body Shops Repair Dents

This video will walk you through the basics and techniques of auto body repairs. This video is great for anyone who owns or runs an auto body shop or wants to know how do auto body shops repair dents. The host has 43 years experience so you might learn something new. Auto body shop teams need all […]

Save on Auto Glass

Save on Auto Glass By Doing Crack and Chip Repair As Soon As Possible

You should immediately address any cracks that appear in the glass of your car’s windshield. Untreated cracks can cause more damage to your vehicle and your wallet. These auto glass repair services can be costly, especially if the damage is severe. After noticing even the smallest cracks in your windshield or windows, there are many reasons to […]

How Long Does Hail Damage Repair Take

How Long Does Hail Damage Repair Take

Hail damage repair is an important consideration. You might think hail dents are only cosmetic and you don’t need to pay for auto body repairs. Hail dents can become something more sinister. Are you aware of how long does hail damage repair take? Hail damage can be repaired to ensure your vehicle is in good condition. Hail damage […]

How to Find a Good Auto Body Repair Shop

If you’ve been in an accident and needed auto and body repair, you may be overwhelmed by all the auto and paint shops you find. There are probably quite a few just in your area since automobile services almost seem to be available on every corner and then some. It pays to do some research […]